Hiba Fattoum describes the anxiety she feels during the bombing and her desire to return to her home.

This is my second war. The first one I was just two months old but this one I am 19 years old. The day before the war began – it was Tuesday – I was in the internet café checking my email and on the way home I heard fireworks and shooting. I thought it was because of the Brevet [certificate exam] results which my brother had done.

When I got home I asked if it was the results, then my mother replied it was that Hizbullah had took two Israelis and they are in Lebanon. Then on Wednesday morning I was asleep when I heard a loud sound that goes like “BOOM” but you can’t imagine how loud and scary it was. I ran to my parents and they were on the roof and I followed them and asked what the hill is that? They told me Israel had bombed the airport and I said “OH MY GOD.” Then they told me look at the sky. There I saw the F16. It was very far away and at the same level as we are, then it threw these balloons and then bombed the airport again.

When I saw this I couldn’t feel how I was in the house and my parents laughed at me because they have witnessed many wars but I think this is the hardest. I was so scared you can’t imagine how much, so I packed all my precious things I don’t want to lose like my certificates, pictures and my Palestinian Hatta – Hatta means our traditional scarf.

I was so scared to which my neighbors laughed at me and whenever they used to bomb they used to say “open the shelter for Hiba.” You know whenever they used to bomb during the day it was less scary than at night – both of them are scary – during night time when they bomb I used to wake up shaking all together because our camp is so close to the area bombed most of the time – Dahy.

On Saturday the bombing was harder than before – the bombing was getting harder everyday – and because I was so scared my mum took me downstairs where my uncle lives and there I slept on the couch and I couldn’t sleep because of the bombing and the moment I did they bombed a hard one and I felt something fall on my head and then my shoulders. It was my uncle’s air conditioner.

Then the next day we moved out of the camp because it wasn’t safe anymore since pieces of the bombs are falling on our camp. Where we live now, we still hear the bombing.

I miss home a lot and I went home to the camp twice to see it and even I am trying to convince mum to go back again because there is no place like home and I don’t care if they bomb because I learned not to be scared because no matter how much Israel is strong, Allah – God – is much stronger than them. What I don’t like in this war – except everything – is that they are killing many innocent people and buildings are destroyed. In other words, Lebanon is being destroyed. Everyday I count the days to this war ends but is anyone helping? NO. This war shows what is Israel – they kill babies, women, old people, destroy buildings, supermarkets and bridges. Is this what they call moral war? Is this what you see on TV is Hizbullah’s missiles falling on the Israelis in PALESTINE and destroy a part of one building only, while each Israeli missile destroys 3 or 4 buildings consisting of 9 floors? I have to leave the answers for you.

Thank you.

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