The children trapped in the conflict express their experience with war.

Children lived in fear and worry during the aggression, as they have never experienced war before. This severely affected them psychologically and took its toll in terms of their nerves. They started becoming terrified whenever they heard any loud noise, refusing to be detached physically from their parents. In the first days of displacement, it may be that the activities aimed at relieving their stress that were organized in shelters (some by Naba’a), may have helped to attenuate the impact of the shock which they suffered and brought some confidence and comfort to them. *** I was at home when the bombing intensified, I felt and saw the house shaking, [while he was pointing, gesturing with his finger left and right]. I was so sad because my mom did not allow me to bring my favorite electronic game [Atari – play station]. – Rabie Ezzedine, 9 years old, from Ghazziyeh I heard the jets, it was like huge explosions. I descended running into our house from the first floor. Since then, I feel worried, I am afraid of night time and can’t sleep. I stay awake till 6 am when I feel it’s a little bit safe and calm, then I fall asleep.

– Fatima Banjak, 13 years old

I feel like I am living in torture/torment, why are they killing us? – Ala’a Aidi, 14 years old I was taking a shower at home when they bombed our neighbor’s house. I went out like crazy running out of bathroom with shampoo all over my head. I can’t believe I stayed alive because I saw the building facing our house burning, its façade was engulfed in flames and smoke. – Ibrahim, 12 years old I felt like the bombing hit me because it was so loud and intense, I was with my friend at the shop when the bombing started. I felt I was hurt due to its loudness [and the physical effects of the shockwave when one is near to the actual bombing]. I ran in the street screaming, there was a huge number of children also running and screaming in the street. I felt more terrified when I saw our neighbor’s home destroyed, also the building next to our house. They said that our neighbor’s family all died there, father, mother and four children. Since that day I feel scared of any loud sound, if the door slams I jump out of my place. – Fatima Said, 12 years old, from Srifa I am worried about my brother who remains in Srifa. My mom and dad are always crying because they are worried for him too. I hope from G-d to keep him alive, because people are saying that there are so many people who died in Srifa. – Zeinab Mousa, 9 years old, from Srifa They bombed our neighbor’s home, and an ambulance came. I felt scared for myself, my family and my neighbors. The image of my neighbors doesn’t leave my thoughts. It always comes. I wish that this war ends quickly because if it goes on, we are all going to die, they are bombing everything. – Hassan Ba’albaki, 12 years old, from Shohoure I hide in my aunt’s home, but when the bombing intensified, my family took the road to Saida. On the way, we were so scared, we were afraid that the jets will bomb the moving cars, the car we are in, because we heard that many people had been hurt on the way. We arrived safely and I wish to go back home as soon as possible. – Mohammad Mousa, 12 years old, from Srifa The bombing was following us from place to place. When the bombing started hitting closer to our house in the village, we moved to Kadmous School. When they bombed the school, we moved to Sour. Then we moved to Saida. What’s this life?!! We run and bombing chases us. Before the war, we used to live in safety in our house. I used to have friends. Now, I feel scared and worried, during sleep I dream about bombing and destruction everywhere. – Mohammad Banjak, 10 years old, from Shaiteyyeh

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