Thanks to the hard work and help of many volunteers and donors, CEPAL is delighted to announce that we successfully ran our 11th summer program in Lebanon!

Last summer’s Needs Assessment has helped us to reaffirm that yes, our summer program in the camps is as important as ever and that yes, CEPAL’s summer program plays a significant role in the camps.

This year we were fortunate enough to hire volunteers who had the specific skills that our partner NGO’s were looking for.  This included photography, drama and science.

Three volunteers and one coordinator completed a three-day series of teaching workshops with UNRWA and Najdeh in Wavel camp, and then moved on to Bourj el-Barajneh camp in South Beirut to begin their regular classes.

Elizabeth Cooper used photography to a connect to children of various ages at the Children and Youth Centre of Shatila, as well as a class of younger children at the Women’s Humanitarian Organization in Bourj.

Erin Lynch taught a group of grade 8 students at the UNRWA Haifa school, as well as a group of young teens at Najdeh school in Shatila.

Julie Davidson taught at UNRWA Haifa, with the younger group of grade 7 students.  After spending the early morning there, she made her way to Najdeh in Bourj, where she taught  science and English.

Wendy Chan, the Lebanon Field Coordinator, worked very hard to continue to build our relationships with all of our partners and with the community as a whole.

We’re very grateful to our volunteers, who have enabled CEPAL to continue lending an empathetic ear, helping hands, and a voice of solidarity to our friends in Lebanon.

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